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Upcoming Belly Dance events you don't want to miss!


Friday Saturday Sunday August 23-24-25
Ashley Lopez In workshop and performance.
Don't miss a great opportunity to study with the amazing Ashley who travels the world sharing her talents.
By registering on line you agree to not hold responsible Shahravar, Urban Arts, Sorensen Rec, Ashley Lopez and their associates responsible for any damages or losses. No refunds unless workshops are cancelled. $1.00 Pay Pal fee                  

Ashley Lopez in workshop and show

_____$100 for all three. If space is available the door price will be $40 for the lecture and $50 for the dance series.

____$30 Friday 7-9 PM Anatomy for Teachers (Lecture) As a teacher you’ll have heard all the yoga and Pilates terms used by those teachers, how do they apply to belly dance? What do you need to know to be a better teacher? A dedicated Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Fitness instructor with a decade of experience, Ashley will give you a grounding in the basic anatomy of belly dance, and help you learn how to use this information in your classes improving your understanding. And to help you more fluently articulate your instruction as a teacher. Urban Arts Dance & fitness studio 25 E Kensington Ave(1500 S)SLC,UT

____$40 Saturday 11-1 PM Catchy Fusion Combos (Intermediate-Advanced) A few combos to tuck into your coin belt. These combos include some favorite cabaret and tribal flavors as influences from Jazz, Latin, Hip-Hop, and Polynesian dance. You’ll practice crisp isolations, elegant arms, smooth hip shapes, fancy turns, and steps inspired by other styles of dance! We’ll break the complex moves down to their simplest form then add on until they become a show-stopping routine. Explore traveling circles, snakey figure-eights, sassy poses, and much more! Sorensen studio 855 W California Ave (1300 S) SLC,UT

____$40 Sunday 11-1 PM On the Up and Up (All-levels) Say hellooooo to your arms and upper body! We’re gonna work the chest/ribs, arms, shoulders, hands, head and FACE. Many belly dancers struggle with arms, and strengthening them. How about breaking the “crazy hand” habit, head slides? Prepare to have those mysteries unraveled in this workshop. Head-chest-shoulders-arms…Get ready to rock ‘em! Sorensen studio 855 W California Ave (1300 S) SLC,UT


>>>>Click here to register to perform, or to Vend at the Summer Dance Fest.


Double veil workshop

Join Shahravar and Fvorboda for a fantastic day of dance. double veil and isis wing workshop with a Fun dance Hafla to follow. Email Fvorboda for details.



Saturday May 3rd Sword workshop with Shahravar in Baltimore Maryland. $40
Rakset Al Sayef with Shahravar
Since the Bronze age the gleam of a blade has had a certain draw upon us. Join Shahravar on a journey to explore the dynamics for a great Raksat al sayef performance.

After warm-ups we begin with basic sword handling as well as tips and safety, highlighting important points along the way. Please feel free to bring a cotton head scarf/headband to cushion the blade.

MAC Harbor East
655 President St
Baltimore, MD 21202
United States

>>>Click here to register.

Sword dance workshop with Shahravar


Pre purchase $10 tickets. Bellies for the Birdies at the Post theater. May 31st 2014 tickets will be available at will call. .50 Pay Pal fee

Slc Bellydance
Bellies for the Birdies


Special Thanks to all of the past event hosts for bringing Belly Dance to the public!

Click here to browse our past shows and flyers.


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